2012 Land Rover Defender Launch: Prepare to Live

Land Rover Defender is a $45,000, tough, no-frills vehicle made to conquer the roughest terrain imaginable. Defender has been banned in the U.S. since 1997 and is returning in 2012 for one purpose: to out-drive the apocalypse.

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Placed in urban environments with QR codes leading to the mobile game.

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Apocalyptic Survival Game (for Tablets and Mobile)

Apocalyptic Survival is an iPad game in Wired Magazine and Fast Company that blends first-person gaming and real-life experience. Winners of the game are invited to remote Land Rover test-drive facilities where they can test drive the new 2012 Defender on apocalyptic terrain. 



Handed out at the remote test-drive locations.



Campaign concept/strategy, art direction and visual design


Copywriter: Rachel Carlson