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To save the banana we know and love, Naked Juice has created a website that lives on Facebook. This site serves as hub for social awareness about the epidemic and ways to help the cause. 

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Bus Advertisements

To drive home the point, we fast-forward to a world without the banana. Some things, like buses, may have banana-like qualities but they will never be able to replace the lovable fruit. 

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Banner Ad leads to SavetheBanana.com

To raise awareness, we made a patent-pending Not A Banana filter. Through Facebook Connect, photos are filtered, tagged with Not A Banana and posted.

In-Store Awareness

Ads slap shoppers across the face with cold, hard banana extinction facts. 

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A new juice to save our old banana 

Cures take research, and research takes money. So Naked Juice made a juice that makes a difference. And the profit from every bottle of Not A Banana juice goes to save the banana.

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Promotes new Not A Banana Juice and creates awareness for SavetheBanana.com


Wild Postings

Awareness of Not A Banana Juice and banana extinction are posted near farmers markets and local grocery stores.  

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Campaign concept, art direction and visual design  

Copywriters: Rachel Carlson and Matt League

Co-Designer: Tracee Savage