100 Course Dinner

Pepcid Complete fights heartburn all day. So to prove it, we created a dinner that lasted all day. One celebrity chef, six food influencers and 100 courses later, one little heartburn pill found its way to the center of foodie culture. 


"I can Cook 100 Courses. Can you Eat 100 Courses?"

Celebrity Chef Isaac Toups accepted the challenge to prepare the biggest menu of his career. For the 100 Course Dinner. he invited six food influencers from around the country to his restaurant in New Orleans. We filmed the action live as the dinner unfolded and watched eagerly as the guests relished in the best of Cajun country with zero heartburn. 


Opening Sequence

The 100 Course Dinner was edited into a nine-hour, seamless food documentary that showcased the power of the human appetite and Pepcid's ability to keep heartburn at bay. The full-length film was hosted on our branded landing page (http://100coursedinner.com/) and YouTube channel. For the film, we created an opening sequence that integrated the logo with scenes from around New Orleans.   



12 of the 100 Courses

Images of each course was shared on social media by dinner guests and housed on our landing page. 


Carpe Dinner

All of our content was a part of Pepcid Complete's Carpe Dinner campaign. Static social posts led back to our landing page online while print ads built awareness for the campaign. 



Campaign concept, design, art direction and volunteer Po'Boy eater.


Agency: J. Walter Thompson

Group Creative Director: Howard Lenn

Creative Director: Winnie Chang

Copywriter: Brittany Sarrett


Production Company: SureCan Productions

Editors: Fluid NYC