Say No To Spring

Seasonal allergies ruin spring for millions each year. The Muddlers of America decided to put a stop to allergies by eliminating the season of spring altogether. Were they successful? No. But they did get some attention for ZYRTEC® Allergy Medicine.


Seasonal Influence

Muddlers of America propose plans to seasonal influencers. 

Bye, Bye Beloved Season

When spring is gone, a few others things will go as well. Muddlers of America discuss the issues. 

Skip Ad or skip Spring

The Muddlers of America ran pre-roll ads on YouTube and The Onion with a "skip spring" button. After a few seconds, viewers were given the opportunity to either skip the ad or skip spring. If viewers took the bait, they were redirected to the MOA YouTube channel and to learn more about the movement. 

Seasonal Sabotage 

As spring approached, the Muddlers of America became desperate, shutting down spring love everywhere. These videos doubled as teasers for 

Wild Postings

Even in the dead of winter, the Muddlers of America were anti-spring. 

Phil gets Called out

Muddlers of America ran an open letter in Metro newspapers to persuade Punxsutawney Phil to see his shadow and postpone spring by 6 more weeks. 


All sharable spring-hating content was shared on Tumblr at

the onion

Muddlers of America even landed media space on America's most reputable new site, The Onion

Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 11.19.18 AM.png

The Reveal

Meanwhile, ZYRTEC® Allergy Medicine provided an alternative to ending the season with complementary banner ads and an extra tab on


Campaign Concept, Art Direction, Muddlers of America Logo Design

Executive Creative Director: Howard Lenn

Creative Director: Winnie Chang

Copywriter: Sarah Chase